Lightweight balconies and facade elements for The Mayor Amstelveen

The old KPMG office will be completely transformed. It will become a residential complex with space for 307 apartments, penthouses and urban villas. For this project, microbeton produces various lightweight balconies and façade elements.


The old KPMG office building is being transformed into a residential complex. A green oasis of peace and space with comfortable apartments equipped with every luxury. During the transformation, buildings will be disconnected and reconnected with footbridges and extra lifts. The buildings will be topped with penthouses. In addition, the façade will be refurbished by adding balconies and terraces, among other things. This luxurious apartment complex will house 307 apartments, penthouses and park villas. It will be a lively residential area and there is a lot of interest in it.


For this project, microbeton produces various lightweight balconies and façade elements. The elements include canopies, footbridges, façade elements, small prefabricated and lightweight balconies. The total project consists of three phases, spread over two years. The first phase comprises approximately 1,000 elements and is currently in production.

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microbeton has extensive experience in the production of lightweight balconies and façade elements made of ferrocement. microbeton produces two types of balconies. Thin and slender balcony elements from 25 mm – to 150 mm (steel reinforced) and lightweight balcony elements with an EPS core from 150 mm. For example, microbeton produced thin and lightweight balconies for the Kanaal Islands in Utrecht. These balcony slabs were placed on a steel frame. For the transformation of the Wijnhavenkwartier in The Hague microbeton produced the lightweight balconies with EPS core.

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