Extremely thin and lightweight balconies

The weight of concrete is often a limiting factor because of the extra load on existing structures. The lightweight balconies made of ferrocement, therefore, offer a solution. Commissioned by Van Dillen construction company, Microbeton produced the extremely thin and lightweight balcony elements and facade band for the Kanaaleiland in Utrecht.


Residents of various flats in Kanaaleiland in Utrecht were given the choice to provide their rental home with a balcony. Through the use of ferrocement and smart installation, the balconies can easily be retrofitted to the facade. 

Extremely thin balcony elements

The extremely thin prefabricated balcony elements are manufactured in our own workshop, made out of ferrocement in the colour Microbeton grey and provided with an anti-slip layer. From our workshop, the thin-format balcony elements were transported to welding and assembly company Van Pommeren. Van Pommeren made the steel frame, in which the balcony elements will be placed, in-house. Subsequently, the balcony plates were mounted in the steel frame and transported to the location.

Microbeton facade band

The facade is provided with a Microbeton facade band. In the homes that opted for a balcony, the band is provided with recesses. This makes it easy to mount the balconies to the facade on location. Houses without balconies get the same banding but without the recesses. In this way, the entire building has the same appearance.

Benefits of lightweight and thin balconies

The balconies have been transported in their entirety to the place of destination and there installed to the facade in one go. This greatly limits the work on the construction site. The benefits of the thin lightweight balconies are that it can be mounted to the existing floor and does not need to be stamped.

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